An exceptional sport which consists of gliding on the water with a board and a kite allowing you to navigate, jump, and surf the waves. Read more…

A sport enjoyed with a board and sail that allows you to glide on the water jump and enjoy high speeds.

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A sport that consists of riding the waves and completing turns on the surf board. Read more…

Rowing with a surf board, especially designed to float on calm sea, enabling you to enjoy amazing sights and participate in excursions.

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Who we are ?

Our team is formed by professional instructors, qualified by the Spanish Sailing Federation + the International Kiteboarding Organisation.

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5 Reasons to learn surfing

– It is never too late! Still not convinced to learn surfing? We teach you, because you should do it already, at any time !!! -A unique sensation If you have the opportunity to learn surfing you will be one of the few people who......

Top 5 Kite surf Spot Tenerife.

Medano Beach: The most casual by geographical location, you can navigate with winds (NORTHEAST) and operates more than 300 days a year, it can find, flat water, waves and 300 meters of sand. THE TEJITA: One of the best beaches in Tenerife with a distance......

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El Medano

Tenerife – España


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